I’m not good enough.
I’m not pretty enough.
I’m not smart enough.
I have no future.
I’m a loser.
I give up.

Jul 29 1:45 ( 39 )
   Listen here you beautiful motherfucker. You are gorgeous inside and out. Dont you dare say that you'll never meet him because god dammit you will. You will meet them don't you dare say anything otherwise because you are a sexy motherfucker and you deserve it.

I do not deserve it you sexy motherfucker!!!!!!!

Jul 29 0:41 ( 3 )

Sarah is everywhere.

Jul 29 0:40 ( 37 )
   You will meet them. Trust me that's exactly how I feel. My favs always avoid me. I went to London on vacation and 5SOS was performing really close to my hotel but my parents didn't let me. Austin Mahone freaking lives in Miami close to me and I can't seem to meet him. When I'm at the beach he's at the mall. When I'm at the mall he's at the beach. But I have to have faith just like you. You will meet them just have faith.

Yes but they never come to where I live.

Jul 28 22:19 ( 7 )
   I'm in florida . I live in North port .iv never even left florida :/

I’ve never left Florida either

Jul 28 21:56 ( 1 )

Major Cake flirting +

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@5SOS: Guys we got a Range rover :p lol @Calum5SOS @Luke5SOS http://t.co/YStwXG01Tl
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leave me here to die

Jul 28 21:30 ( 1830 )